Architecture + Artificial Intelligence + Human Behavior

We develop computational models to simulate human behavior in built environments

We aim to improve people well-being and productivity in buildings and cities

We are looking for talented and motivated researchers to join our team

Intelligent Place Lab

Human Behavior Modeling

Model the dynamic and context-dependent behavior of building occupants in complex environments

Human-Aware Architectural Design

Simulate the behavior of building occupants to inform architectural design of complex workplaces

Building Operations Management

Optimize resource allocation of people, spaces, and equipment to optimize workplace performance

Human-Environment Co-Simulation

Co-simulate spatial, social, and environmental processes in buildings to account for their mutual impact

Interactive Visual Interfaces

Analyze space utilization scenarios to support decision-making for architects, planners, and building operators.

Hybrid Places

Couple physical and virtual environments to create hybrid interactive experiences across realities. 

Open Positions

Recent Publications

Ten questions concerning human-building interaction research for improving the quality of life

Building and Environment, 2023

The field of human building interaction for convergent research and innovation for intelligent built environments

Scientific reports, 2023

University Hubs: an emerging phenomenon between campus, work, and social spaces

TWR Conference, 2022

Dynamic Building Activities Management in Healthcare Facilities: A Study in a Catheterization Lab

SimAUD Conference, 2021

Simulating Multi-Agent Narratives for Pre-Occupancy Evaluation of Architectural Designs

Automation in Construction, 2019

JOIN: An integrated platform for joint simulation of building-occupant interactions

Architectural Science Review, 2019

Simulating use scenarios in hospitals using multi-agent narratives

Journal of Building Performance Simulation, 2017

Human behavior simulation in architectural design projects: an observational study 

Computers, Environments & Urban Systems, 2016


Dr. Davide Schaumann

Lab Director

Davide is an Assistant Professor and the Director of IPL in the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning at the Technion. His research is focused on the convergence between Architecture, AI, and human behavior science.

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Shaked Fried

Master Student 

Shaked has a background in Landscape Architecture and Data Science. She is using network science to analyze hospital operations. She is co-supervised with Dr. Yoed Kenett

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Saar Ben Porat

PhD Student

Saar has a background in Psychology. He is developing agent-based models of social encounters in neighborhoods to foster social support. He is co-supervised with Arch. Shany Barath.

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Ben Drusinsky

Master Student

Ben has a background in Architecture and Design. He is working on a computational language to model human-building interactions.

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Eduard Haiman

Ph.D. Student

Eduard has a background in Architecture, Data Science and UX/UI. He is developing a decision-support system using reinforcement learning to optimize the design and operations of healthcare facilities. 

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Sivan Grodsky

Ph.D. Student

Sivan has a background in Architecture and Video Game Design and Development. She is developing a multi-agent simulation system to orchestrate the adaptation of architectural design components to improve people's health. 

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Michal Statman Cohen

Lab Manager

Michal has a background in Architecture and Software Development. She is developing robust data pipelines including sensor-based data collection, fusion, and interpretation to support research at the Lab.

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Tom Feldman

Software Developer

Tom has a background in Computer Science. He is developing software for multi-agent simulations and hybrid reality applications. 


Research Overview at IPL

Here is a summary of our work at IPL focused on simulating human-building interactions in complex workplaces.

Multi-Agent Hospital Simulation

Simulating human behavior narratives in the cardiology unit at the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. 

Resource Allocation Optimization

Simulating the implication of alternative resource allocation strategies at the San Bernardine Medical Center, CA, US. 

Intelligent Environments

Simulating Human-Building Interactions in Intelligent Environments. Outcomes of a course at the Technion in Spring 2022.

Human-Environment Co-Simulation

Co-Simulating environmental temperature, thermal comfort, and human spatial behavior in the Autodesk Offices in Toronto.

Conversational Interface

Using a natural language Interface coupled with common sense knowledge for simulation-powered occupancy analysis.

Mixed Reality for Hybrid Places

A Mixed Reality approach to visualize the behavior of virtual occupants in digitally twinned physical environments.

Designing Hybrid Places

Designing hybrid places for social interactions across physical and virtual realms. Outcomes from a Technion course in Winter 2023.


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Intelligent Place Laboratory (IPL)

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